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Top Ten (10) Richest Pets In The World

The number of pets with million dollar trusts and bequests continues to grow. Many of these pets have more money than any one human can spend in a lifetime. From roaming enormous estates and traveling by limousine to twelve member staffs, these pets are living the glamorous life. Following is a glimpse into the extravagant life of some of these pets and the top ten richest pets in the world.

Jasper wears a $75,000 necklace, has his own 1,236 acre palace and travels by super stretch limousine to all of his appointments. Jasper lives a life to be envied by most people throughout the United States and Jasper is a dog and has more money than most people will ever have.

People are increasingly spoiling their pets as they do their very own children. As the pet care business continues to expand, it also continues to diversify into the high end luxury amenities once only consumed by the wealthy. This luxury pet market includes pet only hotels with spa treatments, exquisite pet only culinary chefs, and pet only nursing homes where they are assisted and cared for 24 hours a day!

The trend in recent years is to make a pet an heir or sole heir to an entire estate worth millions of dollars. This has resulted in numerous pets being left with more money than twenty people could spend in a lifetime, let alone a dog. Proponents argue that the pets have earned their stake in the estate through years of devotion and loyalty to their rich masters. Additionally, it's the owners wishes that runs paramount.

Jasper is an incredibly wealthy pet. He is a doberman labrador mix that was rescued by Ramsden Brewery heiress Diana Myburgh from UK's most famous dog home. Incredibly, Jasper was to be euthanized shortly after being rescued and the heiress died just after Jasper had become accustomed to his surroundings leaving the pooch a multi-million dollar fortune.

Besides the 1,236 acre estate, chauffered stretch limousine and expensive jewelry, Jasper eats highest grade mussels, sirloin steak and Dover sole all prepared from his personal chef.

The pet topping the list of the world richest pets is a German Shepherd named Gunther IV. In 1993, this dog made headlines after he and his sire Gunther III were bequest $124 million when their owner, Countess Karlotta Liebenstein died. It has been recently reported that Gunther's massive estate has grown to over $372 million.

The World's Ten Richest Pets are as follows:

10. Brownie, cat, $4.1 million
9. Hellcat, cat, $4.1 million
8. Pepe Le Pew, cat, $6.2 million
7. Ani, cat, $6.2 million
6. Frankie, dog, $6.2 million
5. Gigoo, chicken, $10 million
4. Trouble, dog $12 million
3. Tobey Rimes, dog, $92 million
2. Kalu the chimp, $109 million
1. Gunther IV, dog, $372 million

Other Wealth Pets

The list of rich pets does not end here as there are numerous other pets who have gone from death bed to the opulent life.

Flossie, a Yellow Labrador retriever rescued by Drew Barrymore's in a flea market was awarded a $3 million dollar estate when she awoke Tom Green and Drew during a fire in their house. Berrymore and Green returned the life saving favor by giving Flossie the house.

Flossie and Drew Barrymore

Then there is the case of a former stray cat named Tinker who inherited $206,000 and a $722,000 3 bedroom house when her master made her the beneficiary of her entire estate. In order to ensure that her wishes were effectuated, she also reserved funds for the neighbors to feed the cat daily and check on the staff taking care of Tinker. Upon the death of Tinker, the property transfers to the neighbors. This decision was clearly bad judgment as now there is an incentive to off Tinker with poisoned food.

The aformentioned pet masters can be considered extreme especially do to the fact that the pets cannot make their own financial decisions and choices. Of course, it must be noted that pet trusts are binding and legal, therefore there are laws in place in most states that protect these testamentary instruments. The average pet trust however is $25,000.

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